Inter-Greek Council

President: Minna Lee
The Inter-Greek Council (IGC) serves as  the umbrella organization that recognizes and governs all social fraternities and sororities at NYU. The IGC serves as a sounding board for all community issues, coordinates service, leadership and educational programs with the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and the Multicultural Greek Council, and serves as a peer board for fraternity adn sorority judicial issues.  As the chief governing body of the FSL community, the overall goal of IGC is to enhance the fraternity and sorority presence both on and off campus.  

Panhellenic Council

President: Sam Reiss
The Panhellenic Council is home to seven national and local sororities. Greek-a-palooza starts on April 10th! For more information on the Panhellenic Council and its sororities, please visit

Inter Fraternity Council

President: James Fontaine

There are fifteen national mens' fraternities on the Interfraternity Council at New York University. For more information on recruitment and the various organizations, please visit

Multi Cultural Greek Council

President: Nicole Taylor
The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) functions as the umbrella organization for social fraternities and sororities whose goals and purposes are for the exploration and enhancement of one or more cultures